Avenue Cares is Avenue Mortgage's organized effort to leave the four walls of our comfortable office and help others.

Wayside Cross Ministries:

A group of employees visiting Wayside Cross Ministries in Aurora, Illinois. Wayside is an amazing organization that mentors men, women, and children, in various ways to help them become fully functioning members of the community.

Helping a veteran:

Larry served our country and the local VA gave us his contact information. He had been living as a homeless man for the past eight years. He just moved into an apartment and we we've been able to help him turn his apartment into a home.

Helping Animals:

Helping Animals is an all-volunteer organization that takes in animals in need and finds good homes for them. There is no brick and mortar building; the volunteers foster the animals in their own homes until an adpotion can be facilitated. These cookbooks were sold by an Avenue employee to assist this wonderful group.


Life Below The City:

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Lower Wacker was a street built below the city of Chicago in 1926 to ease traffic conjestion. For the past 80 years it has become home to many homeless people. Avenue has been clothing, feeding, and caring, for these men and women for six years. As a company that expends so much energy in helping people buy houses, we feel it is our responsibility to help those who currently do not have a place to call home.

Soddo Christian Hospital:

Soddo Christian Hospital is located in southern Ethiopia where there is limited healthcare available for a population of more than 3 million people. Ethiopia is among the poorest countries in the world and unable to provide adequate healthcare, especially in rural regions. To address the great need, Soddo Christian Hospital was established to provide compassionate care and comfort for the sick. The hospital is self-sustaining, as most medical procedures are fee-based. Our Benevolence fund assisted over 38% of our patients in 2010. St Luke's Health Care Foundation of Wheaton, IL was established to provide funding and assist with the operational management of the hospital.


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