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Our Staff

Avenue Mortgage has built an outstanding reputation through quality individuals focused on providing exceptional financial guidance. With an astounding depth of experience, we are fully equipped to manage every lending need. In addition to focusing our efforts on lending, the mortgage professionals at Avenue Mortgage seek to make a significant impact on the community at large. We encourage our staff to participate in local civic events, charities, and community groups.

Each team member has arrived at Avenue Mortgage via a unique path, yet all are grounded with a strong moral foundation and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Below is a listing of our staff members with descriptions of their backgrounds and many contributions.

  • Andrew Abol Mabadi

    Andrew Abol Mabadi

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    Mobile (847) 612-8756
    NMLS# 200791

  • Cameron S. Brown

    Cameron S. Brown

    Branch Manager I
    Champaign, Illinois
    Office (217) 366-4535
    NMLS# 1242479

  • Cheryl (Sherri) Ann Smith

    Cheryl (Sherri) Ann Smith

    Branch Manager
    Danville, Illinois
    Office (217) 443-6099
    NMLS# 952516

  • Christine M. Stratton

    Christine M. Stratton

    Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6722
    Mobile (630) 258-4618
    eFax (630) 598-8417
    NMLS# 191783

  • Corey Laughner

    Corey Laughner

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Danville, Illinois
    Direct (217) 446-6017
    NMLS# 829824

  • Curtis (Curt) Harold Gunnink

    Curtis (Curt) Harold Gunnink

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 634-5135
    Mobile (630) 235-4221




    After spending 9 years as a high school and college men’s basketball coach, Curt entered the mortgage industry in 1994.  This give him over 21 years of experience helping his clients find the best possible mortgage solutions for their current life goals.  As a former teacher, Curt enjoys working with first time home buyers who need assistance in navigating the numerous options available to them.  He has also continued to help these clients as they have moved on to their second and third homes.  Repeat business and client referrals are the lifeblood of Curt’s business.

    Curt is a 1984 graduate of Central College in Pella, Iowa and holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Northern Iowa.  His experience coaching basketball was re-kindled by coaching is daughter and her friends for 5 years on the travel basketball circuit.  He also enjoys spending time following the high school and college careers of many former coaching colleagues and their kids, as well as numerous nephews and nieces.  You could say that he is a little bit of a basketball junkie.  Curt and his wife Abbe live in St. Charles with their two daughters, Hayley and Megan.







  • Daniel Schwellenbach

    Daniel Schwellenbach

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    Mobile (847) 323-8954
    NMLS# 207362

  • David Franklin Roth

    David Franklin Roth

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    Mobile (847) 322-2538
    eFax (630) 735-2861
    NMLS# 197249

  • Denise Rose Lindsay

    Denise Rose Lindsay

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Monticello, Illinois
    Office (217) 460-1588
    Mobile (217) 460-1588
    NMLS# 327076

  • Derrick Thompson

    Derrick Thompson

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Champaign, Illinois
    Mobile (217) 366-4535
    NMLS# 1765905

  • Donald Jerome Frommeyer

    Donald Jerome Frommeyer

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Mobile (317) 696-1623 
    eFax (317) 863-1239

    NMLS#  127591

  • Douglas F. Wall

    Douglas F. Wall

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6737
    Mobile (630) 880-3954

    NMLS# 211502

    Meeting new people and assisting them with their financial needs are what makes my job as a mortgage loan officer so rewarding. For over a decade, I have helped thousands of clients secure the right mortgage at a great interest rate making home ownership affordable and enjoyable for them.

    A 1988 graduate of Wheaton College with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Psychology, I went on to earn a Master’s Degree from Northern Illinois University. After careers in the field of education and finance, at the suggestion of a good friend, I entered the mortgage industry in 2001. I have completely enjoyed my time in this business, as I work with wonderful people both in and outside the office.

    DW Flip Flops
    I met my wife Claudia at Wheaton College and we married in 1990. We have 3 wonderful children – twin girls and a boy. As a family, we enjoy spending time at the beach - Hilton Head Island to be exact. My wife and I enjoy travelling overseas (when the grandparents can watch our kids), attending a good concert, and a good dinner out now and then. We are active in our church, and love having most of our two extended families close by.
    Doug Wall and Family

  • Eddie R. Williams, III

    Eddie R. Williams, III

    CRA Mortgage Sales Manager
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6744
    Mobile (716) 397-4247
    NMLS# 230597

    I specialize in facilitating and assisting clients in realizing their dreams of becoming homeowners. My expertise is using grant programs for down payment assistance to make the dream a reality. I'm also looking to grow by securing great professionals that want to grow, make an impact, and have fun doing it.

    My passion is community development. My goal is to help create stable and economically diverse communities by educating existing and future homeowners, working to ensure mortgage lending opportunity and awareness in all communities and specifically those that are of low and moderate income.

    Eddie Williams Family

  • Elizabeth Ann Grana

    Elizabeth Ann Grana

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    Mobile (815) 527-1665
    eFax (630) 735-2975
    NMLS# 17118826

    I have over 25 years’ experience in the financial industry.  Buying a home is one of the most important decisions we have to make.  At Avenue Mortgage we take pride in having strong communication skills throughout the company, making the process as stress free as possible.  My job is making the deal happen.  If there is Down payment assistance out there, I will find.  I love making dreams come true. 

  • Eric S. Cardona

    Eric S. Cardona

    Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
    Libertyville, Illinois
    Mobile (847) 668-3100
    eFax (630) 364-5814
    NMLS# 214571

  • Evelyn Young

    Evelyn Young

    Retail Lending Manager, Branch Manager II
    Wheaton, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6756
    Mobile (309) 825-8492
    NMLS #459236

  • Gary A. Maughan

    Gary A. Maughan

    SVP, Mortgage Banking Director
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6723
    Mobile (630) 417-7170
    NMLS# 206657

    Gary Maughan is the director of mortgage banking with over 20 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry. Prior to becoming a loan officer in 1994 he worked for one of the largest third party maintenance providers for IBM systems and peripherals for 11 years. He successfully managed a branch of 23 technicians, obtaining the highest response and customer satisfaction ratings for the Chicago area.

    After entering the mortgage business in 1994 he began originating VA, FHA and conventional mortgages for NORWEST Mortgage, which was then the largest lender in the country. In 1997 Gary became a sales manager, training and overseeing the production of other loan originators. Moving to Avenue Mortgage in 2004 Gary quickly progressed to management there as well. He enjoys working with clients from all backgrounds helping them to realize the dream of homeownership as well as lowering their monthly obligations. The individuals Gary works with are of the best partners a manager could hope to have in the mortgage business. The years of experience along with their integrity, teamwork and work ethic are what make Gary’s job a thoroughly enjoyable experience each and every day.

    Gary has lived in the Fox Valley areas since 1990 and has raised his family there. He has a wife, Jennifer, of almost 22 years and four children. He loves the game of basketball and spending time with family.

  • James Carl Boutwell

    James Carl Boutwell

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Wheaton, Illinois
    Office (630) 634-5130
    Mobile (630) 730-0736
    eFax (630) 566-1184
    NMLS# 616594

  • James L. Stocker

    James L. Stocker

    Mortgage Sales Manager
    St Charles, IL
    Office (630) 470-6736
    Mobile (630) 802-2334
    NMLS# 212073

  • Jamie Todd Gould

    Jamie Todd Gould

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    Mobile (847) 687-6969
    eFax (630) 735-2841
    NMLS# 305615

  • Jason Joe Warner

    Jason Joe Warner

    Mortgage Sales Manager
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Mobile (317) 484-7621
    eFax (317) 863-1138
    NMLS# 908368

  • Jeffrey S. Mallers

    Jeffrey S. Mallers

    Secondary Marketing & Assistant VP
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6745
    Mobile (630) 369-7227
    NMLS# 840543

  • Jennifer Flaska Cannon

    Jennifer Flaska Cannon

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6731
    Mobile (630) 362-6405 
    NMLS# 251074

    Jennifer began her mortgage lending career in 1997. She left the mortgage business for a period of time after her twin sons were born prematurely requiring special care initially in the NICU and then at home. Jenn and her husband, Kevin, were blessed with two more sons.

    Jenn was feeling the nudge to return to the mortgage industry as her boys got older (they are now 16, 16, 14 & 12 years old). She was very selective about what kind of company she wanted to work for, and Avenue Mortgage was the perfect fit! Jenn thoroughly enjoys her job, especially helping people with their home purchases, whether it be their first or fifth, and meeting some of their financial goals through refinancing. “Avenue cares about their clients and employees alike, treating both with the utmost respect, integrity, and professionalism. I want the same beliefs from the company I work for to seep through to my clients alongside my own personal care of my clients.”

    Jenn grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. She received her business degree from Northern Illinois University. She is proud to say she’s an NIU Huskie Marching Band alum leading the band as a drum major. Go Huskies!! Ten years ago, she and her husband decided to settle a little further west in the village of Sugar Grove. As a family, the Cannons love boating, watersports, snow skiing, family vacations, and music. Jenn enjoys scrapbooking her family’s photos from their various adventures.

    Jenn enjoys breaking down the numbers for her clients in a way that is easy to understand. Her attention to detail and communication with those involved in the transaction keep the loan process moving along smoothly. She loves meeting and working with new clients as well as reconnecting and helping past clients. “I feel like I am doing what I was called to do in my career. And when you feel that way, how you earn a living then doesn’t seem so much like work.”

    Jen Cannon Family

  • Jill Sikorski

    Jill Sikorski

    Loan Services Manager
    Elm Grove, Wisconsin
    Office (414) 427-6534
    NMLS # 459232

  • John F. Osorio

    John F. Osorio

    Branch Manager I
    Waukesha, Wisconsin
    Office (262) 695-6000
    NMLS# 1088769

  • Judith Gail Podjasek

    Judith Gail Podjasek

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 369-7227
    Mobile (630) 762-1778
    NMLS# 392357

  • Kenneth (Ken) Amstutz

    Kenneth (Ken) Amstutz

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 510-2222
    Mobile (630) 235-7498
    Efax (630) 618-3779
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    NMLS# 221511

    Ken has been involved with consumer credit since 1971. He previously worked for GMAC and Citicorp. In 1993 he started a mortgage company called Kingsland Financial Corp.

    In 2006 Ken, and his daughter Kirstan, bought all outstanding shares of KFC  and changed the name to Crown Home Mortgage Corp.

    Ken holds national and state mortgage certifications of CMC and CRMS. Ken sees himself as a creative advisor to his customers. He considers cash flow, future relocation probabilities, tax implications, and borrowing ability as part of his process to recommend the best mortgage product for his customers.

    Our greatest compliment is how many customers report that they finally understood the purchase or refinance process after meeting with Ken.

    Ken is a husband, father, and grandfather. He has been married for 42 years and has lived in Dupage County since 1963. He was an Elder at the Wheaton Bible Church and proudly served that congregation. He is also the President of a Not-For-Profit 501C3 Foundation, St Luke's Health Care Foundation a medical ministry to the poor in Ethiopia. Check out soddo.org.

  • Kent B. Cochrum

    Kent B. Cochrum

    Senior Loan Originator and Business Development
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 634-5136
    Mobile (630) 330-1334
    NMLS #194755

    As a 26 year veteran of the lending industry, Kent has had the pleasure of helping over 2,000 clients who are now friends make their home more affordable.  Helping people through the homebuying or refinance process gives Kent an opportunity to provide much-needed informtion about mortgages and smooth and rapid approvals and closings.

    A 35 year resident of the Wheaton area, Kent and his wife Cindy and their dog Braidee can often be spotted walking or eating out at one of the many outside tables in downtown Wheaton.  He and Cindy enjoy travelling and hiking together.     



  • Kevin Patrick Murphy

    Kevin Patrick Murphy

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Mobile (317) 413-9039
    eFax (309) 417-0912
    NMLS# 1737846

  • Kimberly Sue Isom

    Kimberly Sue Isom

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Decatur, Illinois
    Office (217) 519-4490
    NMLS# 1078034

  • Kirstan Wilkinson

    Kirstan Wilkinson

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6752
    Mobile (630) 710-9002
    Efax (630) 618-3779 
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    NMLS# 221512

    Kirstan has over 17 years of experience in the residential mortgage lending profession. She is a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS) and Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMC). Kirstan graduated from Taylor University with a degree in finance in 1998. After graduating (and spending the summer leading canoe trips down the Flambeau River in Wisconsin) she sensibly followed in her father's footsteps and became a mortgage loan originator.

    Kirstan desires to be a resource for the first time homebuyer as well as the sophisticated borrower. She has a high degree of personal integrity and will counsel you wisely to arrange financing to best fit your needs.

    Kirstan has two young girls at home, Jenna and Kara, and a son named Zach. Together they enjoy trips to the pool, arboretum, library, and Costco! She has been married for 10 years to her husband Dave, also a Wheaton native. You’ll find them waterskiing, running, triathlon training, and reading.

  • Lana A. Spino-Haske

    Lana A. Spino-Haske

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6726
    Mobile (630) 677-7179
    NMLS# 197980

    I have been a loan officer with Avenue Mortgage Corporation since January 2007. I enjoy what I do and get great satisfaction when I meet my client's mortgage financing goals. I have worked hard towards earning the reputation of being honest and knowledgeable and also exceeding my clients expectations. When I receive a referral from one of my past clients, that is proof to me that I have achieved my goal! This is truly the best "Thank You" that I can receive. This job has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people.

    My personal interests include the outdoors, gardening, walking, visiting my parents in Florida as often as I can, and enjoying time with friends. I also love to do home projects and try to spend as much quality time with my husband as possible. We reside in the far west suburbs and enjoy the peace & tranquility of country living. One of my goals this year is to get my Harley back on the road! My husband & I have a huge love for animals...since we married in 1981 we have taken in over 15 pets. We try to take in as many animals as we can financial & physically handle at one time. I have put in many years as a volunteer at animal shelters. I would love the opportunity to help you with your mortgage goals. Every loan has a story, tell me yours!

  • Lisa M. Sheffield

    Lisa M. Sheffield

    Mortgage Loan Processor
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Office (765) 470-6748
    Mobile (317)  536-3909
    NMLS# 293479

  • Lucy Halm

    Lucy Halm

    Personal Banker
    Bloomington, Illinois
    Office (309) 662-1839
    NMLS# 459227

  • Maci Campbell

    Maci Campbell

    Branch Administrator
    Urbana, Illinois
    Office (217) 762-3700
    NMLS# 1250198

  • Marva Grant

    Marva Grant

    Branch Manager
    Peoria, Illinois
    Office (309) 690-7017
    NMLS# 459225

  • Matthew A. Danbury

    Matthew A. Danbury

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Decatur, Illinois
    Office (217) 201-7635
    eFax (217) 201-7635
    NMLS# 689933

  • Michael William Klein

    Michael William Klein

    Retail Market Manager
    Elm Grove, Wisconsin
    Office (414) 607-6000
    NMLS# 542333

  • Patrice Bedow

    Patrice Bedow

    Mortgage Loan Originator Assistant
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6738
    Fax (630) 369-7885
    NMLS# 1396186

  • Patrick D. Brady

    Patrick D. Brady

    Loan Officer Assistant
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6754
    NMLS #1384065

  • Patrick Temesvary

    Patrick Temesvary

    Mortgage Sales Manager
    Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    Mobile (630) 878-7480
    eFax (630) 735-2975
    NMLS# 209375

  • Randal J. Pittser

    Randal J. Pittser

    Mortgage Sales Manager
    Waukesha, WI
    Office (262) 695-4332
    Mobile (262) 422-5165
    NMLS# 762388

  • Rhonda Lash

    Rhonda Lash

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Champaign, Illinois
    NMLS# 1772943

    As a Loan Officer at Central Illinois Bank/Avenue Mortgage, I understand clients have many choices with the loan process, and I know there is more to home financing than simply securing your loan. I want to offer you the best option to achieve your financial goals, whether it's buying your first home, moving into your dream home, purchasing investment properties, consolidating debt, or refinancing your current home. I love being a part of the Central Illinois Bank/Avenue Mortgage team and look forward to assisting you with all your mortgage needs.

  • Robert Sztapka

    Robert Sztapka

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    Mobile (847) 875-8007
    NMLS# 191203

  • Robert Wayne Gruesbeck

    Robert Wayne Gruesbeck

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Eaton Rapids, Michigan
    Mobile (517) 243-2947
    eFax (317) 614-7647
    NMLS# 1021441

  • Roberta Lewman Antonsen

    Roberta Lewman Antonsen

    Personal Banker
    Urbana, Illinois
    Office (217) 328-7000
    NMLS# 1222569

  • Robin Swords

    Robin Swords

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    , Illinois
    Office (309) 807-9977
    Mobile (309) 826-5626
    NMLS# 546640

  • Rudolf (Rudy) J. Ibric

    Rudolf (Rudy) J. Ibric

    Business Development Manager
    Elm Grove, Wisconsin
    Office (262) 695-4374
    Mobile (414) 688-7839
    NMLS# 273404

  • Sharon Sasak

    Sharon Sasak

    Loan Officer Assitant
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6750
    Efax (630) 839-0471
    NMLS# 1070704

  • Tamara M. Hine

    Tamara M. Hine

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Noblesville, Indiana
    Direct (317) 431-5477
    Fax (317) 536-3689
    NMLS# 1615239

  • William (Bill) Joseph Pendley

    William (Bill) Joseph Pendley

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6725
    Mobile (630) 330-5626
    NMLS# 211969

    I guess you could say that real estate is in my blood! As a small town boy growing up in Niles, Michigan I quickly learned the “in’s and out’s” of investing in the real estate from my family. Both my parents were successful real estate investors. My brother not only managed properties but is now the President of Mortgage Company I currently work for. In addition, my sister-in-law Maria is a top producing Real Estate agent in Indiana. It was only natural for me to follow in their footsteps.

    I have been a licensed mortgage consultant for 14 years at Avenue Mortgage Corporation. In 2001 I purchased my first investment property. As a result, I have had the unique experience of being on both sides of the equation, as consumer and consultant. This added perspective has assisted me in providing the most competitive and beneficial programs for my clients.

    Bill Photo
    Who is Bill Pendley?

    In a day and age where the banking industry has been heavily scrutinized due to the exposure of corrupt practices, finding an advocate who is trustworthy is absolutely imperative. In all my years in the industry I have worked tirelessly from a foundation of morality while always placing my client’s needs first, above all other considerations.

    What I love to do:

    I have recently ventured back into the world of athletics. In spite of my doctor’s warnings against straining my knees after two ACL surgeries, I chose to challenge myself. In 2010 I participated in my first race in the Batavia Triathlon. Since then I have competed in over ten races. The most recent challenge was the Escape from Alcatraz (1.5 mile swim, 18 mile bike, and 8 mile run). Competing has always been something that is part of my DNA. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to once again challenge myself in these ways.

    Alcatraz Triatholon

  • William Baker

    William Baker

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Mobile (317) 410-1844
    eFax (630) 839-8853

  • Zachary Todd Noel Howard

    Zachary Todd Noel Howard

    Mortgage Loan Officer
    Naperville, Illinois
    Office (630) 470-6732
    Mobile (812) 821-0840
    NMLS# 1589233

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